*Shebang* noun; 1. informal; a matter, operation, or set of circumstances. "the Mafia boss who's running the whole shebang" 2. North American Archaic; a rough hut or shelter.

Who Lives at 616 Shebang?

We are a gaggle of professionals, artists, activists, students and social permaculturists living together in community.  Service to each other and the house is our love language, kindness and compassion our core values.  Our beautiful 2,000 sf home was built in 1938 and has an extensive permaculture landscape, complete with outdoor screened in gazebo and fireplace.  It’s a short five minute walk to the EMU campus and a 15 minute drive to Ann Arbor and the U-M campus.  What’s our personality?  Think of a group aged somewhere in between “Golden Girls” and “Friends” all sprinkled with a particularly friendly flavor of organic pixie dust.  Some have called us very business-like hippies.  Really, we just want to live in a way that makes life easier, more fun and infinitely more economical because we are helping each other.  More than occasionally there is pie and perhaps vodka.  Most likely, we are in bed by 10PM. . .
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Getting To Know Us: