*Shebang* noun; 1. informal; a matter, operation, or set of circumstances. "the Mafia boss who's running the whole shebang" 2. North American Archaic; a rough hut or shelter.

So you want to live at 616Shebang!

img_17012.jpgAt the most, we have four adults living in the community at any given time.  We occasionally take on short and long-term guests in the spare bedroom.  Occasionally community members have partners who share their rooms, so our numbers can fluctuate depending.  Bedrooms are assigned based on seniority and needs of each individual housemate.

The rent is a flat $550 per month no matter the size of your “real estate” in our home.  We share the entire house, where you sleep is just one part of the equation.  $450 of the rent is paid in cash/check, the remaining $100 is paid in 10 hours of service each month above and beyond the standard shared cleaning and care of the home.  Service can include mowing, garden care, extra house cleaning, pet care, maintenance, etc.  We usually discuss this as a community and determine where an individual finds enjoyment in service to the infrastructure of the community.

Community members are also responsible for a portion of the DTE bill each month.  This bill can range anywhere from $400 per month down to $150 per month.  It is divided equally among the members of the house.  If a long-term guest is staying, we usually ask them to pay a share for the time they are with us.


Food is shared for the most part.  Community members can put their name on special items they have purchased that they are not prepared to share (my name is often on the jar of Nutella), but that seems to happen rarely.  Shared meals are spontaneous and happen surprisingly often even though we don’t plan them.  We have been lucky with enthusiastic and talented cooks in our community.

The process for determining if a new applicant is a good fit for our community begins with sharing a few meals with us.  Once we have both determined that this might be a match, we ask the applicant to come join us for two weeks, rent free, while maintaining their current living situation.  At the end of two weeks, we all return to our homes and consider the experience and talk about if we would like to pursue living together in community.FullSizeRender (4)

If you are interested in learning more or coming to share a meal, please reach out to 616Shebang@outlook.com.  We would love to hear from you!




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